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only licensed dealers can apply for wholesale packages.

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welcome to wholesale wheels and this is a wholesale only site for dealers of wheels and tires only.  your company will receive up to date wholesale catalogs from many "key" warehouses that only sell to licensed re-sellers. no public access

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  we provide web site submissions for companies looking to improve there position on engines like google and yahoo. with our network of wholesale sites we have learned very useful tips and tricks to getting a good ranking.

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  web presents package including  10 pages to establish your business on the web. 30 day search engine submissions included.

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more q&a  about wholesale audio club:


q:  how is wholesale audio club different from all the other wholesale companies on the internet?


a:  the answer is simple.  most of the other "wholesale offers"  online are available to the general public.

with these other so called wholesale companies,  there is no separation between wholesaler, dealer, and the end user (consumer).

 real wholesalers will only sell  b2b ( business to business )  any company offering "wholesale deals" that does not require a business license or tax i.d. from you  is not a real wholesale distributor.   you have to ask yourself,  "do i want to buy from a discounted retailer or a real master-distributor?  the answer is obvious.   

with wholesale audio club, we only sell wholesale packages to licensed re-sellers. all 145 wholesale electronics warehouses within our network require a business license or tax i.d. from all members.  there is zero public access. this keeps the integrity in place between the true wholesale supplier and the dealer. 


q:  do i have to have an actual store front  in order to join wholesale audio club?


a:    no.  among those that purchased the wholesale packages are small to mid sized companies selling via mail order, swap meets, internet, as well as small retail locations.

it is not 100% necessary to have an actual store. 


q: i have seen offers online about a  cd  with  10,000  wholesale sources.  what is this all about?


a:  if you need wholesale sources  for  beans, shoe laces, hay, or bulk fabrics.... the cd is for you.  if you are seeking true wholesale distributors supplying consumer electronics products to dealers only,.... then you need wholesale audio club.   basically the "cheap"  wholesale cd's   out there are garbage.

plus,  they will sell these cd's to anyone.  the general public has access to the same information. 


q: what are the minimum order requirements with the club and the other 145 wholesale distributors?


a: minimum order requirements vary by distributor. usually the minimum order is between 50.00 to 200.00 


q: are there volume discounts offered for large orders?


a:  yes.  all distributors offer volume discounts.  usually additional discounts apply to orders exceeding $2500


q: once my company joins wholesale audio club, do we order everything through you or do we contact the distributors directly? 

 a:  you may order any of the 10,000 electronics products offered directly from the club  and you may contact any of the 145 warehouses  to buy direct from them,� it�s up to you! 


q:  what are some of the brands we can expect to find  through this  wholesale package ?

a:  alpine, kenwood, clarion, jvc, kicker, rockford fosgate, sony, mtx, jl audio, pioneer, audiobahn  and  many many more.  in total, about  30,000 electronics products are available from over 500 top brand names.


q: are there territory restrictions involved?


  a:  yes,  in some cases there are territory restrictions.  however, there are over 20  master importers & distributors that sell the top name brands with little or no restrictions.  simply ask dave to help you find what you are looking for.  it�s out there!       


q: can wholesale audio club help me with marketing/sales  ideas & strategies?


a:  yes.  this is a big part of our consulting service. once you are a member,  you can call dave ferguson   anytime during normal business hours and he will be happy to assist you in any way he can.  dave sold over 480,000.00   in car audio products his first year online! 


q: what company does the club and its associates use to ship my orders?


a:  we use  ups.   you may calculate estimated shipping charges easily at the ups web site.  most of the other distributors use either fed-ex or ups.   large orders are usually sent  via private  trucking company.


q: does wholesale audio club provide drop shipping?  


a:  yes.   we will drop ship any of  10,000 electronics items anywhere in the lower continental united states  with no additional  drop ship fee.


q: what kind of  profit margin can we expect  to make?  


a:   on average, ( selling online or mail order )  the average profit margin for components  is between 25 to 50% ( to be competitive)   with accessories,  the profit margin runs between 50 and 300%

for instance,  a good set of rca cables can run 18 to 35  bucks  retail.  with your wholesale audio club  package,  your company will be purchasing the same rca cables for around 7 to 10 bucks.   sometimes, on closeout,�.. i have seen gold 20 ft rca�s for under 3.00 !


q: are there any pricing examples available for our review? 


a:  sure.  click here  for a few quick examples.


q: how many products are offered and which products are dropshipable?


a: wholesale audio club offers over 10,000 electronics products directly from us. all are available to be drop shipped. there are an additional 145  wholesale warehouses shipping thousands of products.  several do provide drop shipping services. call dave ferguson for help during  normal business hours.



q:  how long does it take to drop ship the items that were purchased after the order was received by wsac? 


a:  orders ship within 24 hours in most cases.  most all wholesale distributors within the network,  ship daily.   if an item is not in stock,�.  you will be called.   however,  most all items are on the shelf and ready to ship out daily.     


q:  how do we get notified when a product is out of stock or becomes on back order?


a:  you will be called or emailed.  it�s a good idea to request confirmation   on each of your purchase orders.


q:  how do we get notified when a new product line or brand comes out ?


a:  if you select the gold wholesale package  we will fax each wholesale distributor your wholesale catalog request.  we will get you on all of the mailing lists, fax lists, specials, closeouts,  etc�.. you will receive new updated wholesale electronics catalogs as they are released.


q: how do you calculate your shipping charges?


a: shipping charges can be calculated by visiting   simply enter the  zip code of the shipper,  and the zip code of the receiver,  plus the  estimated weight of the package. (s)


q:  what are the minimum levels of inventory on products that are kept on hand?


a:   wholesale distributors stock hundreds of pieces of each item.  sometimes thousands.


q: do you offer any other services that could be of use to my business? if so what are they?

a: click here to view a listing of the exact services we provide.



q:. i am interested in the gold package, is that really a one time fee?


a:  yes,   a one time fee of 299.00  and you get the following.  plus we fax all the other distributors for you.  kick your feet up, and let us do the work for you. 



q:  are the products purchased through the club and the other wholesale  warehouses under warranty?


a:  yes.    most items carry the full factory warranty.  or  at least a full  repair warranty.   most warranties are for 1 to 3 years depending on the product line.


q:  how do  you handle returns?   


a:  if any item  is defective right out of the box,   simply send it back for a new one.  hassle free.   if an item breaks later,   call the distributor you purchased it from ,�. and they will at least repair the item for you.  


q: are any of the products sold by the club or its associates refurbished?  


a: not usually.   however,   there are refurbished items offered from time to time,�.. these items  will be clearly marked (r)  or  (b stock)   99% of the products you will be purchasing for resale are brand new,   factory fresh,  with full warranty.   basically,  if you want refurbished items, you need to ask for them. 

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business to business wholesale wheels and tires of all shapes and sizes. wholesale only to trade. custom wheels and tire packages available from coast to coast. distribution outlets across the united states offer a wide range of wholesale programs for licensed dealers and re-sellers. no public access

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interested in wholesale musical instruments & accessories? we connect your company with the best musical instrument distributors here in the usa.  no public access

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